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We are an alcohol network that will keep you entertained on both past and current events in the liquor industry and the alcohol world, as well as supply you with the best tools to succeed in your next venture.

Mikael “Mike” Taib

a.k.a. Mix Master, Mix, The Professor, Magic Mike, Mike Time, Chicago Mike

Mike has worked the full gambit of bartending details, from large scale catered events, fast-paced clubs to super high-end fine dining and everything in between.

His charisma is unparalleled, un-egotistical and he holds a laugh that could brighten the darkest room. Along with his an incredible passion for spirits just sitting at the bar top became an entertaining lesson in history that he would prescribe one drink at a time.

Mike has moved on to distilling spirits but you can still get a glimpse of his stellar personality on his three different YouTube shows Booze News, Breaking Booze and Booze Trivia.

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We develop content for every avenue of the liquor industry, from the bar to the consumer we are here for you.