Candela Mamajuana

Candela Mamajuana is the first commercial mamajuana available in the U.S. The native drink of the Dominican Republic, mamajuana is made from fine rum aged with native herbs, spices, bark and honey.

Candela founder Alejandro Russo fell in love with mamajuana—known for its energizing qualities, rumored health benefits and aphrodisiac properties—and vowed to craft a smooth, flavorful expression to introduce to the U.S .Based on a secret Dominican family recipe, Candela uses a unique double-aging process.

The brand respects the  traditions of making and perfecting mamajuana by working directly with local farmers to source the purest ingredients and the finest rum. Every bottle of Candela Mamajuana is hand-labeled and hand-packaged to ensure an authentic mamajuana experience.

Candela Mamajuana is available online and currently distributed in the Northeast and Miami areas. The suggested retail price ranges from $29 to $38 for a 750-ml. bottle.


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Author: Melissa Dowling {authorlink}