Gin flavour tool launches to educate consumers

Trade body The Gin Guild has unveiled a new flavour guidance tool for gin to “increase knowledge and enjoyment of the category”.

The tool, called Gin-Note, has been created to help consumers and the industry navigate through the vast amount of gin brands available on the market.

Gin-Note provides a standard flavour summary graphic, which is prepared by the producers using a fixed and directed framework, alongside a description of the gin. It also provides recommendations on mixers, garnishes and preferred serves for each gin.

More than 50 gins have signed up to the flavour tool, including Tanqueray, Gordon’s, Beefeater, Plymouth, Sipsmith, Arbikie and Kyrö.

Nicholas Cook, director general of The Gin Guild, said: “With significant growth in the number of distilleries producing gins, consumers and others are faced with choosing from a growing number of gin styles and tastes.

“An amazing variety of botanicals are being used in gin, with distillers using creativity, imagination and innovation. Faced with what is often a wall of gin on sale, while great for brands and offering great options for choice, consumers are often left scratching their heads as to what to buy.

“Consumers often end up arbitrarily choosing their gin based on price, or bottle design, and without knowing whether they will like the flavour of the chosen brand. As it is the liquid itself that is the key element, to buy without having adequate information is madness.

“Gin-Note provides retailers, distributors and gin drinkers with key flavour information and guidance, in an easy-to-read format, offering a greater chance to appreciate this amazingly versatile spirit. It has the potential to be a real step forward for the industry and consumers alike.”

Members of The Gin Guild can sign up to the Gin-Note as an inclusive benefit, however it will also be available to non-members.

Cook added: “We are also happy to provide access to non-members who are producing qualifying gins, as the true potential of the summary can best be seen when consumers are able to see one profile against another as an aid for choice, so ideally they need across-the-board reference.

“In time we see the profiles being deployed both by retailers and in menu form, for example by bars seeking to inform and guide their customers.”

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Author: Nicola Carruthers {authorlink}