Lisa Brown and the Date Night

Lisa Brown is the beverage director at The Promontory in Chicago.

“Date Night” is a fun rum cocktail that was oddly inspired by a Thanksgiving dinner favorite: turkey! While in the midst of cooking a recipe for gravy that actually called for some of the ingredients used in this drink, I thought, “these flavors sure would work nicely in a cocktail.” The same night, Date Night was created!

Date Night

The drink gets its savory notes from the nuttiness
of the fino sherry and the addition of the date, peppercorn and rosemary trio.
A long splash of club soda also provides a bit of effervescence. I’m a huge fan
of the both the depth and the refreshment that you get from this

Date Night 
1 ½ oz. Mount Gay Black Barrel rum
½ oz. Fino sherry
½ oz. Fresh lime juice
1 oz. Medjool date-peppercorn-rosemary syrup
Topped with club soda

all ingredients to a shaker tin and shake. Strain drink into highball glass
with ice using a Hawthorne strainer. Top with club soda. Garnish with lime
wheel with a spring of rosemary poked into center.

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Author: Melissa Dowling {authorlink}