NRA Sends Blueprint for Restaurant Revival To Congress

The National Restaurant Association on July 15 sent a “Blueprint for Restaurant Revival” to Congress. The comprehensive policy and legislative plan outlines specific and immediate action the federal government should take to stabilize the restaurant industry in the short-term and set the foundation for long-term rebuilding.

Restaurants have lost more jobs and revenue than any other industry in the U.S., according to Sean Kennedy, executive vice president of Public Affairs for the Association. “Congress has chosen not to advance a recovery package that is tailored for the unique challenges of a restaurant on the cusp of bankruptcy.”

The Blueprint focuses on three main areas where Congress can act to make significant changes that would support restaurants of all sizes and operational models in communities across the country. These areas include:

  • Short-term relief to restart the restaurant industry by creating a targeted Restaurant Recovery Fund; creating a mechanism for restaurants to access a second round of Paycheck Protection Program loans; addressing liability protections for businesses; and other tax, insurance and loan needs.
  • Ensuring the stability of America’s food supply chain from farm to table by prioritizing food and agriculture employees for testing and receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine and providing Payroll Tax relief for restaurant employees as essential workers.
  • Helping restaurants support at-risk communities by funding programs to feed at-risk populations and provide greater access to restaurant meals for low-income Americans.

“The restaurant industry is one of tenacity, innovation, and dedication to serving our community,” said Kennedy. “We are looking to Congress not only for support for our short-term survival, but to create a long-term framework that sustains our role as a key part of the food supply chain for the millions of families that rely on us for nourishment.”

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Author: Melissa Dowling {authorlink}