Pairing Ideas For Charcuterie

Cured meats pair beautifully with a number of alcoholic libations. Veroni, which has been dedicated to producing salami since 1925, knows a bit about matching the Italian charcuterie board with the perfect beverage. Veroni’s marketing manager Emmanuela Bigi shares a few ideas for pairings.

Mortadella. This pork sausage is one of the oldest charcuterie products in Italian tradition. Bigi recommends pairing an IPA with the meat, as the flavor of the beer has the ability to cut through the fattiness of the mortadella. 

Salami. Bigi suggests opting for a chilled rosé wine with salami, as the fresh fruit aroma and saline finish pairs well with the saltiness of the meat. For those that prefer to imbibe with a cocktail, a Gin & Tonic goes well with the spiciness of salami.

Prosciutto. Due to the high salt content of prosciutto, a sparkling red or rosé wine pairs well, Bigli notes, thanks to their sweetness. But a traditional Italian pairing calls for serving prosciutto with a dry, slightly acidic pinot grigio.

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Author: Melissa Dowling {authorlink}