Pernod pushes conviviality in first corporate campaign

Absolut vodka owner Pernod Ricard has launched its first global corporate campaign – Be a Convivialist – to promote “more conviviality” in the world.

Pernod Ricard CEO Alexandre Ricard launched the campaign globally on his LinkedIn account on 1 February after an initial launch in China the previous week.

The campaign comes off the back of a global survey conducted by Opinion Way in 11 countries, spanning five continents and involving almost 11,500 people.

The results have been used to form the basis of the campaign, and revealed 91% of those surveyed believe conviviality to be a source of well-being, but 61% believe the world is less convivial than it was five years ago.

French people were revealed to be the most pessimistic (82%), followed by Germans at 73%.

Meanwhile, 67% of millennials (18 to 34 years old) said they regretted meeting their friends less and less due to online social networks.

The “champions” of conviviality were shown to be Mexicans, followed by Spain, Brazil, China and India. France did not appear in the top 10 convivial countries.

As part of its Be a Convivialist campaign, Pernod Ricard has created a documentary, called The Power of Conviviality, which was directed by Elephant at Work and put to a soundtrack from a band called French 79.

The documentary features people from 12 locations around the world discussing what conviviality means to them.

Ricard said: “There’s a real yearning for connection and sharing in today’s world.

Convivialité [conviviality] is more than just a corporate value for Pernod Ricard, it’s our raison d’être – and it’s proudly embodied every day by our 19,000 employees across the globe.

“This mindset echoes the lifelong motto of my grandfather, Paul Ricard, who launched an invitation to all his employees to ‘make a new friend every day’.”

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Author: Melita Kiely {authorlink}