Punch Room creates elemental cocktail menu

The London Edition hotel’s Punch Room has created a new menu inspired by the five classical elements – earth, air, fire, water and ether.

The new menu, The Five: Volume III, is the latest instalment in the venue’s The Five series and has been developed by bar manager Andy Shannon – formerly of London’s Callooh Callay.

The menu is split into five sections, each inspired by one of the elements that philosopher Aristotle believed made up everything around us.

In the Earth section, cocktails are inspired by “our connection with the soil, the seasons and the cycle of fertility”, and feature aged spirits such as Woodford Reserve Bourbon.

The menu’s Water section includes longer, refreshing drinks such as the Igloo Punch, made with Ruinart Brut, Da Mhile Seaweed Gin, cloudberry liqueur, lemon sherbet, green tea, lemon juice, ambergris and lemon sorbet.

In Fire, drinkers will find cocktails full of “energy and passion”, such as Prometheus, made with Mezcal Pierde Almas, butter-washed mastiha, Amaro Montenegro, pu-erh tea, fennel pollen syrup and lime juice. Meanwhile, Air is where imbibers can enjoy “light and delicate” creations including High Altitude, which combines Audemus Umami Spirit, Absolut Elyx, Malbec, sundried tomato syrup, milk oolong, soy sauce and lemon juice.

Finally, Aether, the classical spelling for ether, is where drinkers will find the Newton, made with 10-year-old Somerset Cider Brandy, calvados, apple liqueur, apple juice, apple and tea cordial, apple cider and lemon juice.

The menu also retains a selection of Punch Room favourites.

Each Punch is £14 (US$18) per person and can be served individually or in Punch Room’s range of vintage punch bowls.

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Author: Owen Bellwood {authorlink}