Teleferic Barcelona’s Tips For the Perfect G&T

When the weather warms up, consumers traditionally gravitate to Gin & Tonics but the craft Gin-Tonic cocktail is perennially popular in Spain. Telefèric Barcelona, an international destination for authentic Spanish dishes and drinks, with locations in Barcelona and the San Francisco Bay Area, has perfected the Gin & Tonic and offers its guide to crafting the cocktail with the three vital elements.


While seemingly a simple cocktail, a Gin & Tonic’s versatility allows for a variety of flavors and essences. Each element from the type of gin to the type of tonic to the garnish creates subtle flavor differences, which makes each Gin & Tonic drink stand out.

It can also make it tricky to create the perfect one. To start, choose gin based on subtle flavor preference:

• Citrusy gins: Sipsmith Lemon Drizzle, Tanqueray 10, Monkey 47, Bluecoat. Herbal gins: Gin Mare, Uncle Val’s Botanical, Caorunn, St. George Terroir.

• Spiced gins: Ginraw, Opihr, Hendricks Orbium, Bummer and Lazarus.

• Floral gins: Nolet’s dry and Nolets reserve, Suntory Roku, St. George Botanivore, Hendrick’s, The Botanist.


Just as important as the choice of gin is the choice of tonic. Tonic water is 75% of the drink, and each brand has various flavor profiles such as Mediterranean, Indian, elder-flower, grapefruit and more. But beware, only use real quinine based tonic water and not the typical corn-syrup-based “tonic.”

Telefèric’s top tonics include Fever Tree, Q Tonic or 1724.


To enhance the perfect mix of gin and tonic, garnish the cocktail with flavors and ingredients that replicate the notes in the gin chosen, bringing out the subtleties and aromas of the spirit.

Some of Telefèric’s favorite garnishes include citrus rind, fresh herbs (such as rosemary or basil), and peppercorns.

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Author: Melissa Dowling {authorlink}