Top Americas bars to visit in 2019

The Americas has long pioneered the cocktail boom. Tyler Wetherall highlights the bars that will be taking things to the next level in the coming months.

Existing Conditions in New York has been named one of our Americas bars to watch

Nearly a quarter of all Americans choose to drink a cocktail when out with friends. That’s as good a sign as any that US bar culture is still exploring the possibilities of the well­-mixed drink.

That said, consumers are drinking differently than they did in the first zenith of the cocktail renaissance, and the new crop of bars reflects those changes. Just look at the broader presence of high-­quality non-­alcoholic drinks on menus – such as those found at Kumiko, included here, or another Chicago opening, Young American – or the less-­is-­more approach that is now widely adopted, whether in presentation or service.

In developed cocktail cities in the Americas, there has been a shift away from the performative bartending practices of the past to something more restrained, even relaxed, resulting in a range of noteworthy new bars offering what is ostensibly a high-brow but low-key cocktail experience.

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